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Riding in Style: Crafting Merino Cycling Socks for Wilde Bikes in Minneapolis, Minnesota



Minneapolis, Minnesota



Kyle The Knitter


Merino Wool Cycling Socks

We recently embarked on an exciting journey with Wilde Bikes, a dynamic cycling hub nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our collaboration led to the creation of bespoke cycling socks that seamlessly blend performance, comfort, and the unique spirit of the cycling community.

Teaming up with Wilde Bikes was a thrill, as we share a mutual passion for adventure sports. The process of crafting specialized cycling socks allowed us to delve into the intricate needs of cyclists, ensuring that every pedal stroke is complemented by the perfect balance of functionality and style.

Understanding the demands of the cycling experience, the Wilde Bikes cycling socks were crafted to enhance performance. From the snug fit that minimizes friction to the breathable merino that keeps feet cool and dry during long rides, each detail was considered to create socks tailored for the ride.

Our collaboration with Wilde Bikes is a celebration of quality meeting adventure. The cycling socks we crafted reflect not only the commitment to performance but also the spirit of exploration and thrill that defines the cycling experience.

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