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Diplomacy in Every Step: Crafting Socks for Yale University's Jackson School of Global Affairs



New Haven, Connecticut



Kyle The Knitter


3x1 Ribbed Crew and Marled Ribbed Crew

We are delighted to share a collaboration that transcends the boundaries of comfort and diplomacy. We had the honor of creating custom socks for Yale University's Jackson School of Global Affairs, which were thoughtfully gifted to a distinguished delegation of African leaders.

Yale University's Jackson School of Global Affairs is synonymous with academic excellence and a commitment to global understanding. Being entrusted with the creation of socks for such a prestigious institution is a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship.

The socks crafted for the Jackson School of Global Affairs were more than just footwear; they became a diplomatic gesture. During a visit to Africa, professors and students from the college met with a delegation of African leaders.  During these meetings, the socks were gifted as a token of appreciation.

We are honored to contribute to this journey, albeit a small one. To be part of a gesture that goes beyond fashion, embracing diplomacy and the spirit of shared values means a great deal to us in studio.

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